Thursday 9 August 2012

Khangaþyagon feedback

I'm always keen to hear what other conlangers think of Khangaþyagon, so after relays I ask the person who's followed me for feedback, and put it here...

Talk:Khangaþyagon - FrathWiki

The latest contributor is Doug Ball, creator of Skerre, who followed me in Relay 19. We ended up having quite an interesting discussion about various grammatical ideas and my creative process.

Take a look, and feel free to add your own comments.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Khangaþyagon phonotactics

When creating vocab for Khangaþyagon, I prefer to hand craft my words, to get the right sound for the right meaning. I've always been more interested in internalising the phonaesthetics of the language than rigorously defining the phonotactics. However, I thought I ought to have a go at investigating just what syllable structures are possible.

Khangaþyagon Phonotactics - FrathWiki

I'm particularly proud of the syllabification rules, which help to mitigate the somewhat naive first conlang regularity of Khangaþyagon.