Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My "Native American" name

Last year, I did a project extracting semantic data from the BBC's archive catalogue. I presented the results to a senior colleague, who now wants me to present it to some academics who are involved in a collaborative project. The thing that seems to have stuck in his mind about my presentation is that I demonstrated my results with an old wildlife programme about a bird called a Red Tailed Hawk. He therefore described me in an email as
The bloke who can find a nesting Redtail Hawk in 1,000,000 hours of tape and film
. As a result, I was put on the agenda as "Hawkfinder".

I therefore seem to have acquired a Native American name. I'd be interested to hear how it would come out in various conlangs - particularly Native American inspired ones like Jeff Burke's Central Mountain Languages - so leave me a comment with your translation. In Khangaþyagon it would be


ketarg- slat- ont- rik
hawk find PrP man

Also, what would your "Native American name" be, and why?


  1. In Dothraki that'd be Ezakezemosi, which would be "finder of hawks". Kind of a strange name in Dothraki, but it'd be understood.

  2. My conlangs aren't Native American inspired, and both major (current) languages lack a word for hawk, but...

    Ea-luna: Pekadatae would be "Birdfinder".

    You could also probably use "Pekada", but that would be extremely ambiguous-- it might be a "found bird", a bird that finds things. or it could also mean "Neglects Grass" (Peka-Da, instead of Pe-Kada)... Which should probably be my husband's ea-luna name, given his general avoidance of yard work and mowing in particular.

    In Nevashi... "Birdfinder" would be something based on "Shan" and "Tores" (Bird and find, respectively)... I am just drawing a blank on the -er part.